Pakpal Shot Peening & Blasting Systems

Our automated aerospace shot peening systems are designed to comply with AMS-2430, AMS-2432 specifications, incorporated with parameter controls to deliver a fully controlled and repeatable peening process. In addition, the system is also able to provide complete documentation of processing, and safety features to fulfil stringent NADCAP requirements. At Pakpal, we provide not only the equipment but complete process know-how for the most stringent peening processes. 

Different variations of these versatile multi purpose systems are available. To date we have built a series of peening equipment featured with media classifiers, continuous pressure blasting vessels/gravity flow air blast, internal lance peening nozzles, and spiral separators, aimed at controlling peening parameters with the CNC. 

Pakpal also offers other customized blasting solutions and standard cabinets.

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Leering Hengelo Blasting Equipment

For more than 70 years, Leering Hengelo is a respected partner to the metal industry in Europe. As an reputed manufacturer of blasting cabinets and blastrooms, Leering’s engineering department also develops automated cabinets and blastrooms according to customers’ specifications. All machines are produced at our facilities in Holland and are very durable and highly reliable.

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